Laravel Interview Questions 2020

Ques: What is artisan ?

Ans: Artisan is command-line interface that is used in laravel to develop an application. It provides some commands that may be helpful during development of an app.

Ques: What is composer ?

Ans: It is a dependency manager tool. Laravel also uses it to manage it’s dependencies.

Ques: What is middleware ?

Ans: As the name indicates, it acts as interface or middle layer between request and response. General example of middleware is authentication. If a user is authenticated then user will send to profile page otherwise, he/she will be redirected to login page.
There are 2 types of middleware in Laravel –
Global – It will run on every request.
Route – It will run with that route to which it is assigned.

Ques: What is dd() function ?

And: dd() stands for “Dump and Die”. It is Laravel’s helper function that can be used to dump the variable’s contents and to stop the further execution of script.

Ques: What are bundles ?

Ans: Bundles are packages that is a way to extend or add more functionality to Laravel.  These packages can have views, configuration, migrations, routes, and tasks which are mainly used to enhance the functionality.

Ques: Which database are supported by Laravel ?

Ans: Laravel supports the following databases:


– Postgres

– SQLite

– SQL Server

Ques: What is Lumen ?

Ans: It is a micro-framework of Laravel. It is smaller, faster an is a perfect solution for creating Laravel based  services and Restful APIs.


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