HTML Interview Questions 2020

Ques: What is root element ?

Ans:<html> is the root element.

Ques: What is difference between div and span tag ?

Ans: div is block level element and span is content level element.

Ques: What are listing elements ?

Ans: <ol> and <ul> are listing elements.

Ques: Tell me name of any block level element, inline-block level element and inline element.

Ans: Block Level Elements – <div>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>
Inline Block Level Element –
Inline Element – <button>

Ques: What is difference between bold and strong tag in HTML ?

Ans: <b> makes only look as bold while <strong> tag emphasize the text as important. Text in <strong> tag will have more importance.

Ques: What is optgroup ?

Ans: This tag is used to group related options in drop down.
For Example –
<select id=”cars”>
<optgroup label=”Maruti Cars”>
<option value=”swift”>Swift</option>
<option value=”spresso”>Spresso</option>
<optgroup label=”Honda Cars”>
<option value=”city”>City</option>
<option value=”brio”>Brio</option>



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