How to Establish FTP connection for fast data transfer between Mobile to PC :

  1. Turn on your wi-fi in laptop
  2. download and install any ftp server app (that you may trust) in your android mobile.
  3. imp : set root directory to “internal Storage” or External Storage which ever you wish to link with FTP server and start the app FTP by pressing “Start” button.
  4. turn your mobile data off.
  5. Imp : turn your FTP service Internet Access Off.
  6. Open desktop/laptop file explorer and click on “My PC” and right click than select>> network locations area & select>> “add new network location”.
  7. click next on first window of setup wizard.
    8 imp : cancel the prompted “Connect to the internet” dialog popup and select the “Add Network Location” which is default minimized on taskbar.
  8. click “Next” and enter the “ftp server” address (provided by the mobile FTP Server app) and click “Next”.
    10 . keep the connection as anonymous or mention the user name provided by the FTP Server App and press “Next”.
    11 In Next Window, Name your connection or remain it default, it would not bother you anywhere else.

your FTP connection will be established When you follow all the steps mentioned above and a icon will appear on the “Network location area” showing the name of FTP you have choosen during connection setup.

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