Google Voice typing

Google Voice Typing allows you to write the words just by your voice. It’s so easy. You have to just speak what you want to write.

Requirements –

  • To use this feature, you must have google chrome installed in your system or android (as the application).
  • You also need to have the microphone or headset with microphone option.
  • This application is completely online and require a good internet connectivity.

How to use Google Voice Typing application-

  • To use the Google voice typing, first open the google chrome web browser and login with your google credentials.
  • After logging in type, press Enter.
  • You could be asked to select the plan for business purpose or individual usage purpose. The individual plan is free but might have some exclusions. You may go with your choice according to your need and requirement.
  • After selection of your plan, you will be redirected to the Google Doc template view where you have to choose any pre-defined template or a blank on which you would like to work.
  • After opening the blank document, go to the “Tools” tab on menu bar and select voice typing or directly press the keys “Ctrl+Shift+S” together to get the voice recording button appear.

Following images would help you understand the process easily –

  • When the “RED” microphone icon appears on the document, it indicates that the voice recording is now “on” and you can start typing from your voice.
    Note: Remember, to run the google docs– voice typing application, you need to have some commands to remember to operate the application smoothly.

Here are some basic commands that would help you –

At the end of your Line Just Say : – Period ( it will place full stop after your sentence ends)
As same practice say other words mention below to add these signs in your paragraph.
These punctuation works in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian and for Spanish, punctuation at the beginning of the sentence, like ¡ or ¿, must be typed.

You can use these phrases to add punctuation to your text – 
Exclamation point
Question mark
New line
New paragraph

Commands to select text –
First Say Select and then use the attached word –
Select all
Select last word
Select next word
Select line
Select next line
Select last line
Select paragraph
Select next paragraph
Select last [number] words
Select none

Commands to format your document –

Apply heading [1–6]
Apply normal text
All caps [word or phrase]
Capitalize [word or phrase]
“All caps” makes the word or phrase all capital letters and “Capitalize” capitalizes only the first letter.

Text color and highlighting
Text color [color]
Highlight [color]
Background color [color]
Remove highlight
Remove background color

Font size
Decrease font size
Increase font size
Font size [6-400]
Make bigger
Make smaller

Align center
Align justified
Align left
Align right
Center align
Left align
Right align

Apply 1 column
Apply 2 columns
Apply 3 columns
Column options
Insert column break

Create bulleted list
Create list
Insert bullet
Insert number
Remove formatting
Clear formatting
Remove formatting
Remove bold
Remove italics
Remove strikethrough
Remove underline

Using these voice commands, you would be able to type the article , paragraph you need to.
The paragraph will be automatically saved on your google drive.
As a default storage, Google drive will be used as saving path of the document. However, the document can be download after completion.
If you wish to stop or resume the voice typing, you would say “stop listening ” and “resume “.

All these related command list and further official information is also available on the google support pages. you can visit them by searching on google or just say “voice typing help ” when the google document is open and found difficult in using any command.

If you want any other information or have some query, you can contact us.


How to Establish FTP connection for fast data transfer between Mobile to PC :

  1. Turn on your wi-fi in laptop
  2. download and install any ftp server app (that you may trust) in your android mobile.
  3. imp : set root directory to “internal Storage” or External Storage which ever you wish to link with FTP server and start the app FTP by pressing “Start” button.
  4. turn your mobile data off.
  5. Imp : turn your FTP service Internet Access Off.
  6. Open desktop/laptop file explorer and click on “My PC” and right click than select>> network locations area & select>> “add new network location”.
  7. click next on first window of setup wizard.
    8 imp : cancel the prompted “Connect to the internet” dialog popup and select the “Add Network Location” which is default minimized on taskbar.
  8. click “Next” and enter the “ftp server” address (provided by the mobile FTP Server app) and click “Next”.
    10 . keep the connection as anonymous or mention the user name provided by the FTP Server App and press “Next”.
    11 In Next Window, Name your connection or remain it default, it would not bother you anywhere else.

your FTP connection will be established When you follow all the steps mentioned above and a icon will appear on the “Network location area” showing the name of FTP you have choosen during connection setup.