Append or insert an element(div) after another element(div)

Insert an element (div) after another element(div) –
JQuery .after() and .insertAfter() functions can be used to append or insert an after other element.
Both performs the same task. The only difference between them is syntax.

In .after(), the first selector is that element after which other element will be inserted while in .insertAfter(), the second selector is that after which the element will be appended(inserted).

Let us take an example we have to insert an element after a paragraph tag –
So, it can be done in 2 ways –
<p>This is dummy text.</p>

With .after() –
$(“p”).after(“<p>The above is dummy text.</p>”);

With .insertAfter() –
$(” <p>The above is dummy text.</p>”). insertAfter (“p”);

Both of the above will insert new paragraph( The above is dummy text. ) after above paragraph( This is dummy text. ).



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