About Us

Madwix.com – Mad about information is not only a website. It’s the store of information. In Madwix.com, apart from internet information, you will also find some personal experience.
On Madwix.com, you will find every type of information whether it’s technology, shortcut tricks and other things.

Why Madwix.com ?

If you have to buy some things from the shop, you will go each product shop and will buy it. But it would be best, if you find all the things at one shop.
Madwix.com follows the same scenario. It’s not actually providing information about a particular thing, it is a collection of information.
For example, if you are looking for jquery code of appending data and your eyes goes to next code in which there is a code to loop through object. And you have to use this code also on other place.

So, Madwix.com is generally not a simple website, its hub of information.

What if you do not found related content found by you on Madwix.com ?

Are you looking for something that is not available on Madwix.com ? Or do you want to learn something or you have some issues whether it’s technical or other, you can ask from us in the comment section or can contact us. Madwix.com will try to find out that information for you.

Madwix.com is a way to share information. Even if you have some information or anything that you want to share with everyone, you can write to us.